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  1. #DoYouBelieveInMe - To celebrating 30+ years formally in the fashion sector I made a conscious decision to build a program that passed on the knowledge and skills I've acquired. . Since 2003 I've focused on researching designing and executing solutions for creative Entrepreneurs and Industrialists. A couple years ago I began building out collateral, programs, patterns and processes with the intent of allowing it to be used by others for commercial purposes thus cutting startup cost for cottage entrepreneurs! Your contributions helps with the cost associated with this.

#ask -
I'm "practicing" what I teach. I've found the #ask the most difficult thing for many entrepreneurs in our community to execute.

I've personally taken 13 years to launch a yearly fundraising initiative. The money raised will support the time I take to explore develop programs and assets. Your support of $55.00 will be used to offset various cost in developing the assets and new products. It's also time to start pulling together facets of my formal

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