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The Building Blocks to Style

The Block or sloper is the best basic fit of a draft without seam allowance.  Learn how to create and "build"the Four Slopers - Bodice, Skirt, Pants and Sleeves for Woven, Knitwear and Ethnic styles, to match the sizes of those you  sew for,  In our intensive. running August 2018- Jauary 2019

Inaugural Sew Circle Winter Intensive LAUNCH Special


How to make tops from Bandanas

A simple beginners project that gets you sewing. Using fabric squares 20-36". One can use sheets, pillowcases, left over project scraps or thrift shop finds! They can be finished by hand with rolled hems, Embellish with yarn and scrap fabrics or paints prints. Bonus Surface decoration tips.  The instructions for all the options on this Instucard card will be sent out  in our next newsletter so sign up for newsletter or our sew circle.

Inaugural Sew Circle Winter Intensive LAUNCH Special

Hack the Rack

One shoulder handkerchief top

#hacktherack - A Virtual Sew Circle Exclusive - in which we deconstruct modern styles from the Rack, Runways and Roadways. It's  a great way to move from Inspired to product. This Instrucard Deconstruct a top from a recent add and utilizes the one shoulder handkerchief top along with a ruffle (with optional points).  Similar but not the same. The subtle difference between inspired and copied.

Inaugural Sew Circle Winter Intensive LAUNCH Special

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Sample the Anatomy of a Pants

Tic Tac Toe - Your Choice

Logistical Business Guide Designing A Process

Design For Your Body

We make it easy and fun to measure & design for specific body types, yours, your family or friends. Simple to follow instructions tested for accuracy!

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Sew Accessible

The flexibility allows you the choice of sewing techniques that suit your skill level and your Budget. Start with hand sewing techniques, home sewing machine and tools, as you graduate to overlocks and industrial

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Define Your Style

Challenges designed to help your explore surface techniques, embellishment trims, notions and style details that define your unique style alongside other sewing enthusiasts!

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