What are the topics a sewer needs to master

Miss Bonnie what do IĀ  need to know to be able to sell? It’s usually followed by “I saw this, article that…” The fact is when you plan to move from Hobby to business, your approach, the very way you sew, changes and there is a lot to be cognizant of, to learn and to decide. […]

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4 Core Slopers

Essentially I use three to four techniques to construct the garments I design, passing these along is vital. Slopers are drafts made from one’s specific measurement, they fit without ease and are used to create design patterns. The skirt, Pants, Bodice and sleeveĀ  slopers are at the core of any pattern. and can be manipulated o […]

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No Pattern needed

We teach you to make and adapt patterns. Sew Simple- Sewing need not always be challenging. Our focus is result oriented so we start with simple style lines that are easy to complete. As such we help newbies boost their confidence. Try it for free pattern and instructions enter your email into the email subscription box!

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