Thanks to those who have been supporting and reaching out to support. First up I needed to, rather chose to focus on a logistical strategy. Putting that together takes time, but I’m dedicated to creating these through what i refer to as community circles,  first for fashion then other niches.


“Je ko dudu si™” is our the circle and I’m introducing it within The

Translated from the West African dialect. Roughly translated it means, “Make it Blacker”


I understand the value of PR and marketing, but I’ve also witnessed the inevitable failure of opportunity provided by marketing and access without the business ability to deliver on both Quality and Quantity.


So where do we start.

I believe it’s time to redefine from the ground out!


In August I will launch  an online platform to address local entry level sewing labels and Indie design talent  desirous of selling at volume. On the other side of this, my partner in NYukco, Lawrence Pizzi and I have been working on rethinking, innovation, affordable accessible shared production space and the  training of label owners to run and manage small production factories, as well as distribution solutions to support increased production.


It is also time to begin collaborating with and partnering with those who desire to see a change. To be clear, I consider partnerships to be active, engaging and equal. For those who would love to support, the best way currently is financial.

While you can make a direct  donation
In Amounts of  $30 | $55 | $100, I believe in earned income and have set up merchandise from my art. All I ask is that you select and share any item from my art merchandise line. If you are interested in earning up to 10% from these sales (Affiliates), please contact me and I will walk you thru the process.

FYI, our solutions are based on project designed to test the execution of our ideas, results were and are then evaluated, redesigned and retested. Yes it’s painstakingly, SLOW but it’s also empathic design please understand when I “stubbornly” avoid “solutions” proposed it’s because of experience.  For example. The Brooklyn, navy yard is NOT accessible to women in our communities with kids, not till Brooklyn has a better transport system. But I digress.


Collaborative resources is key, imagine doing this across fashion, food, arts and other creative niches. As women we need a space and platform to truly discuss business. The Sew Shirley’s workshop are online and ideally I would love to get a couple folks from each Pan African commercial stronghold (at the least). It is designed around producing to earn. Directions to effectively creating all of my most successful  designs, as well as profitable production strategies and info on styling and resting to fit into individual brand aesthetics will be included.


How many small businesses can we actually not only start but thrive?

For Lawrence and I it’s one step at a time and we both have invested  our personal resources and are dedicated to seeing this through. Yes we need affordable factory spaces. However how are folks supposed to “afford these”. We need folks ready with a strong basic background who can leverage small local shared spaces so they can fund their own growth.

Even then folks need to understand how to build from zero to be able to afford highly subsidized solutions.

It’s business not charity!

There are business opportunities in providing solutions.
Please direct individuals who want to lock in the discount to

If you are interested in collaborating in modern innovative fair and profitable solutions, please feel free to reach out to me via contact or directly at 646 736 2984